Dear Readers,



  1. : a group, individual, or structure that is not normal or typical
  2. : a person whose behavior departs substantially from the standard

This blog is for us aberrants. The dopamine deficient introverts, the sleep-wake cycle jugglers, the thrill-seeking daydreamers, and the pill with your morning coffee takers. I am writing to those of us stuck along the synapse-dense spectrum, to those who walk the tightrope between euphoria and despondency, and to those whose list of worries far surpass the dread that there’s a monster in their closet.

We are all aberrants, deviations from the idealized, ever-changing norm. I may be struggling to sit still through a conference while my co-worker is struggling to ignore the imaginary twin telling him jokes in his head, but hey, we’re both different. We all are.

Through these posts, I hope to provide some insight and perspective into new therapeutic treatment methods, significant research findings, current topics in the news and simply fun facts as we delve into the brain and the mental health industry. You may be wondering, why do there seem to be a lot more kids these days with anxiety and ADHD? Are we to blame the student taking a cocktail of antidepressants for their problems, or do we blame the parents? The teachers? The system? Those of us who spent Freshman Year Psychology 101 experimenting with everything but paying attention may be wondering, what exactly is the function of the amygdala? The thalamus? If I have tried everything for my mental health, are there more options?

Navigating the system surrounding mental health entails a constant tangled web of questions, which I will utilize this blog to ask, research and convey. As they say, the only thing we know for certain is that nothing is certain. Research is ever expanding to uncover new theories, new connections and new possibilities. And in the meantime, you can find comfort in the fact that we are all aberrant, struggling to find balance in our interweaving pursuits of normalcy and happiness.

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