Dear Readers,

A history teacher once told me that it is crucial to always consider all sides of a story. Don’t believe everything you read in textbooks. Take a step back, think a moment.¬†Were the Japanese truly as aggressive and militaristic during World War II as they were portrayed to be? Did our teachers even discuss with us the difference between the military and civilization population in Japan? Would you be okay with taking on a stereotype solely based on our country’s armed forces?

We each carry our own personal truths, which may not translate to those of another. From that point forward I began to develop a capacity to see through the eyes of others. To empathize with those I have not yet met, and to better understand the ones I have. To yearn for a greater understanding of how each of our individual truths build on each other to create the people we are today.

I hope to utilize this blog to combine my background in cognitive neuroscience with my own personal truths, as I continue on my never-ending search of human understanding.



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